Nellie Bowles Bio, Age, Parents, Net Worth

Nellie Bowles is an American personality and a journalist by profession. She has written only about technology-based websites and magazines. Nellie has written many articles and columns for magazines based in Argentina, like the Buenos Aires Herald, for its English language daily. Besides working for magazines, she has worked for daily newspapers and websites (news and technology websites).

Nellie Bowles Net Worth

Nellie Bowles needs to discuss the details related to her salary and net worth. However, she has been involved in journalism and technology writing since 2017. For the past eight years, she has written for magazines, newspapers, websites, and her company/website, The Free Press.

In 2016, she worked for The Guardian, The Vice News, The New York Times, the Buenos Aires Herald, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The California Sunday Magazine. She has recently started working for The Free Press. Indeed, she earns more than a moderate person earns in journalism. She has a lucrative net worth and is earning a good and luxurious lifestyle.

Net Worth: $2 Million
Real Name: Nellie Bowles
Birth Date: 1990s
Age (as of 2024): 34-37 Years
Birth Place: San Francisco, California, United States
Height: 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Partner: Bari Weiss

Early Life

Nellie Bowles [around 40 to 50 years old] belongs to the family of Henry Miller, who was labeled as the “Cattle King of California.” Henry Miller was one of the landowners of the most significant places in the United States.

Nellie Bowles also belongs to the descendants of Thomas Crowley, who founded the transportation and logistics company Crowley Maritime. Nellie attended Columbia University and received her degree in 2010.


He has been working in the journalism domain since 2017. She has primarily worked on technology-based articles and for the New York Times in the San Francisco Bay Area until 2021. She also won various honors and awards, including the prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and the Gerald Loeb Award in 2020.

She has covered the technology and the business world of technology-based startups. She has also written articles about personalities like Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, and iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman.

She has given a presentation at the conference of technology CEOs called Further Future. She has written many write-ups about the subject, like doxxing and cryptocurrencies. She also presents magazines, newspapers, and media websites on national television.


She introduces herself on TV and comes on shows like Vice News Tonight (2016; one episode), Reset (2020; two episodes), Einstein (2021; one episode), and Real Time With Bill Maher (2024; one episode).

Nellie Bowles’ reportings have been controversial many times. For example, her interview with Jordan Peterson captivated the attention of many media channels and the country’s people. She has also participated in television discussions on free speech in the digital age and gender equality in the tech world.

In 2021, She founded Common Sense under the media and internet-based website & company Substack. But, after the name was coined for the company, the publication team changed the name and made it “The Free Press” in 2022.

The Free Press is now the most used, trending, and top-earner website, with 630,000 total subscribers and even more than that. Nellie Bowles is the head of the company, looking after the strategy and the weekly column, TGIF.

She wrote a story called “The Sperm Kings Have a Problem: Too Much Demand,” which was further adapted into a full-length documentary by The New York Times and FX. This documentary further came in March 2024. She is the author of the book Morning After the Revolution. Her first book was released by Thesis (Penguin Random House) in May 2024.

Personal Life

Nellie Bowles married Bari Weiss, the political commentator, in 2021. She was converted to Judaism after her marriage to Bari Weiss. She has taken her conversion much more like a personal drive filled with empathy in her reporting. Nellie Bowles and Bari Weiss have a daughter who was born in 2022.

Social Media

Nellie Bowles is available on Instagram with a private account. She goes by the handle name – nelliebowles. She has 1,724 followers, 1,206 following members, and 431 posts. She is also available on LinkedIn, where she writes in her bio that she is a writer at The Free Press. She goes by the account name Nellie Bowles (@NellieBowles) on Twitter.

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