Tanner Adell Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Tanner Adell is an American personality and a singer & songwriter by profession. She has been active in the professional line of singing since 2021. Tanner released her debut single in 2021, named Honky Tonk Heaven, and her debut album, named Buckle Bunny, in 2023.

She met her biological parents in 2020 and learned she has musical roots or the music in her blood. She always tried to bring her adoptive parents into her conversation, thanking them for their constant support.

Tanner Adell Net Worth

Tanner Adell has been working in the music industry since 2021. Since then, she has released eight singles, one EP, and one album. She also got the chance to work with Columbia Records, but she could not pursue that work. She then got signed by Love Renaissance. Indeed, she is earning enough money to be independent in her own life. We can assume Tanner’s net worth is around $2 million as of 2024.

Net Worth: $2 Million
Real Name: Tanner Adell
Birth Date: June 27, 1996
Age (as of 2024): 28 Years
Birth Place: Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Height: 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)

Early Life

Tanner Adell is 28 years old as of 2024. She was born on 27th June 1996 in Lexington, Kentucky, and raised in California; her adoptive parents belong to Manhattan Beach. Tanner learned about her ancestry and that she is half black and half white. She was barely a day older when her adoptive parents adopted her.

Her adoptive father used to accompany her to church, singing to build her confidence. He even signed her up for church singing. Tanner says that she was raised in a religious environment where she had to think about what to wear and what she could not.

When she learned about her biological parents in 2020, she discovered that her father was a 90s rapper in Atlanta, and one of her blood siblings used to produce music with excellent guitar skills. Her adoptive parents signed her up for Utah Valley University because of its superb commercial music programs.

She has given interviews telling her story to many magazines and newspapers, including Teen Vogue. She could not sing in school, even in front of her parents. Her parents did not hear her singing in front of others and the whole family until she was involved in the music program in college.


In March 2024, Beyoncé released an album of 27 songs introducing the different artists and sounds. Tanner Adell was one of those artists who Beyonce approached. At that time, Tanner was working independently, and Beyonce was supposed to release an album called “BLACKBIIRD,” a cover of The Beatles’ “Blackbird,” released in 1968.

Her mother belongs to Wyoming, where Tanner Adell would do different tasks with her grandpa, including cutting grass from the lawn, letting horses eat food, fixing the fences and dams, etc. She was filled with the tasks and the ethics that she inherited behaviorally from her adoptive parents.

Her mother rode horses and traveled around the world. Inspired by her mother, Tanner began incorporating the dresses for her music career that would be like her mother’s ribbon and hair during performances.

Back in 2022, Tanner Adell was signed by Columbia Records, but she could not pursue singing for them, maybe because of PTSD [some post-traumatic stress disorder issue]. In June 2024, when she became a wholly formed independent artist and started working for a year, she was signed by Love Renaissance, the Atlanta-based record label. She then created songs like 6LACK, Summer Walker, and DVSN.

Tanner Adell also served her responsibilities for the Sweden Stockholm Mission. When she had to denote the talks about Jesus Christ, she spoke in Swedish, and along the way, she picked up her language.

Personal Life

Tanner Adell is like a fun-loving girl and often stays or gets surrounded by boys in her vicinity. In one of her interviews with BET, she said, “……I’m like a Grace Kelly in a cowboy hat / But a little extra party in my attitude……Friday, gon’ meet somе men / Saturday, kissin’ on my new boyfriend /Sunday, yеah, the Lord comes first….etc etc.

Social Media

Tanner is available on Instagram with the handle name tanneradell. She has 666K followers, 958 following members, and 447 posts. Among all those posts, Tanner has posted poses for her upcoming events, music announcements, and poses while singing in concerts.

She has also included the link to all upcoming shows in her Instagram bio. On YouTube, she goes by the name @tanneradellmusic. There, she has 69.9K subscribers and 211 videos.

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