Evan Perez Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Evan Perez

Evan Perez is an American personality who works as a correspondent for CNN. He is based in the Washington, D.C., Bureau and reports on legal, crime, and national security issues. Before working in the legal crime and national security issues department, he was working to cover the Russia investigation for the Department of Justice and … Read more

Julie Banderas Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas, in full, Julie Bidwell, is a well-known New York-based anchor or news reporter. She currently serves as a News Anchor for FOX News Channel (FNC). She is a primary weekday fill-in anchor on programs such as America’s Newsroom, The Faulkner Focus, and Outnumbered. Julie Banderas Net Worth Julie Banderas is a television news … Read more

Katelyn Polantz Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Katelyn Polantz

Katelyn Polantz is an American personality and reporter who covers justice and criminal cases. She writes about politically sensitive investigations, including the Justice Department and the separation of powers. She has worked for the news and media channel CNN since October 2017. Katelyn Polantz Net Worth Katelyn Polantz has worked in the media and newspaper … Read more

Todd Piro Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Todd Piro

Todd Piro is an American personality and a multifaceted broadcast journalist by profession. He is also a writer, producer, speaker, and moderator. Todd is co-hosting the FOX & Friends First show on Fox News. He is a guest for other Fox News’ shows like Outnumbered, Gutfeld!, and Varney & Co. Todd Piro Net Worth After … Read more

Abby Hornacek Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Abby Hornacek

Abby Hornacek is an American personality, and the daughter of NBA player turned NBA coach Jeff Hornacek. Abby Hornacek currently works for Fox News, hosting news related to lifestyle and traveling. She is working as an on-air Fox News host and joined in January 2019. In high school, she was a known volleyball player. On … Read more

Stephanie Wash Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Stephanie Wash

Stephanie Wash is an African-American personality and a television producer by profession. She has been an executive editorial producer for ABC News for the last 16 years. Stephanie masters the plans and manages the bookings to find new talents for ABC and Hulu programming. She produces, writes, and develops stories for the media. Stephanie is … Read more

Kayla Tausche Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Kayla Tausche

Kayla Tausche is an American personality and a journalist by profession. From 2011 to 2023, she worked for CNBC, and later, she joined CNN as a senior White House correspondent based in Washington, DC. Her complete name is Kayla McCall Tausche. Kayla Tausche Net Worth When Kayla Tausche joined CNBC, she began working and reporting … Read more

Marianna Sotomayor Bio, Age, Parents, Net Worth

Marianna Sotomayor

Marianna Sotomayor is a well-known Washington, D.C. News personality. She currently reports and covers the House of Representatives for The Washington Post. Previously, Marianna served at NBC News from August 2015 to February 2021. Marianna Sotomayor Net Worth Marianna Sotomayor has been working since 2015. She is skilled as a writer and a TV reporter … Read more