Jenna Weeks Bio, Age, Parents, Net Worth

Jenna Weeks is the girlfriend of the famous character Young Sheldon. Jenna’s relationship with the actor Montana Jordan who plays Georgie Cooper. The couple is expecting a baby child which has taken their relationship has taken a new and exciting turn.

Jenna Weeks Net Worth

Jenna’s net worth is not widely reported and her association with Montana Jordan and her growing online presence suggest a promising future. Her net worth would be around $1 million. Jenna Weeks continues to engage her 43K Instagram followers with relatable content and glimpses into her life with Montana. Her journey from a town girl to a trending topic exemplifies the power of social media in shaping modern celebrity status.

Net Worth: $1 Million
Real Name: Jenna Weeks
Birth Date: 2003
Age (as of 2024): 21 Years
Birth Place: Diana, Texas, USA
Boyfriend: Montana Jordan

Early Life

Jenna Weeks was born and raised in the city of Diana located in Texas. She attended New Diana High School and later pursued a degree in nursing from LeTourneau University School of Nursing. Despite her growing fame Jenna remains private and humble and shares glimpses of her life through her social media accounts.


Jenna Weeks is also a social media personality and online content creator. However, she gained widespread recognition for her relationship with Montana Jordan mainly. Her relatable comedic and lifestyle content often revolves around her relationship with Montana.

On TikTok one of her most viral videos humorously addresses the resemblance between her and Georgie from Young Sheldon. It garnered over 52 million views so far. With a TikTok following of 420,000 Jenna has carved out her niche in the digital world.

Personal Life

Jenna Weeks and Montana Jordan have been together since November 2023. They share pictures of their trips and romantic photos on social media revealing a caring and long-lasting bond. Now with the couple expecting their first child in May 2024, their relationship has taken a new and exciting turn.

Montana and Jenna cherished this beautiful moment of their life with their fans. The couple announced the arrival of a new member in their life on social media. In a post containing a series of photos, they shared the photos of their baby’s sonogram. Jenna wrote,

“You are so loved already little girl, I can only hope that you share the best parts of both me and your dad! I hope you get his big heart and contagious laugh! In a world that is so uncertain, there is one thing that is, your dad and I love you endlessly and unconditionally, we will do our best to raise you in the eyes of the Lord.”

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