Nancy Tyagi Bio, Age, Parents, Net Worth

Nancy Tyagi is an Indian personality. She makes her clothes and dresses herself. She is only 23 years old and has made her journey from being a Delhi girl to a Cannes Film Festival attendee. Nancy Tyagi and her name are buzzing on social media and the fashion industry.

She is an internet sensation and has become one of the most searched and a personality to discuss. She has made her debut with the 77th Cannes Film Festival, and even Sonam Kapoor has also requested to make something for her.

Nancy Tyagi Net Worth

Monk Entertainment is managing Nancy Tyagi and her social media. She was the young girl who once had a thought to have suicide. She said in an interview that there was a time when she and her mother (who was working in a factory) used to earn 6-7K per month. She had to go to school, manage other things at home, and help her younger brother & mother manage the household.

Initially, it was challenging for her to have an entire day at home. She made videos and bought a camera when her younger brother was in school during lockdown. Now, she is earning a lot with her hard work and determination. She makes and sells the dresses that she makes after getting inspired by celebrities. She might be earning between 50 K to 1 lakh per month.

Net Worth: $500 Thousand
Real Name: Nancy Tyagi
Birth Date: April 15, 2001
Age (as of 2024): 23 Years
Birth Place: Uttar Pradesh, India
Height: 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)

Early Life

Nancy Tyagi is only a 23-year-old lady who aspires to become a fully independent attire maker. She makes videos while making dresses for herself and others. Nancy is originally from Baranwa village in Uttar Pradesh. Her mother’s name is Maya, and her younger brother’s is Ahan.

Rise to Fame

Her journey began when she accidentally stuck herself in unfavorable conditions. She moved to Delhi for her UPSC coaching with her mother and brother. During lockdown, her mother faced a financial setback because of the factory closing where she was working.

At that time, her brother was also studying in school, and the family had to save money for his studies. Afterward, Nancy bought a camera and started making social media content. But people started trolling her for her body shape, and she almost decided to quit. Nancy later had a powerful comeback with her self-made outfit from scratch.

She recorded the whole video, beginning with how she collected the cloth and how she made attire out of that. First, she gave a complete video of her 100 days of work and described the stitches and outfits that she made. She also became famous by recreating the outfits of celebrities like Alia Bhatt and others.


Nancy got her big break when the Brut India Squad of creators invited her to the Cannes Film Festival. She walked over the red carpet wearing the dresses that she designed herself. She made history after being the first creator or internet personality to make dresses for herself and attend the Cannes Film Festival.

Furthermore, her unique and pure Hindi accent sets her apart from others. She speaks in Hindi and feels proud after being interviewed in Hindi, stating that English was never a setback for her and her work. Nancy is an award-winning personality.

She has won awards like “Disruptor of the Year” and “Favourite Fashion Heritage Icon of the Year” at the National Creators Awards 2024, giving her the courage and endurance to work for her dreams. She has an Instagram page where she boosts a fan following of 1.8 million followers, proving that she has a widespread appealing personality.

Personal Life

Nancy Tyagi is single and not in a relationship as of 2024. She is only a 23-year-old young lady working behind her dreams. She is (as of May 2024) enjoying her fame, which connects her with her attendance at the Cannes Film Festival.

Social Media

Nancy is available on Instagram with her handle name – nancytyagi___. She has 2.1 M followers, 285 following members, and 600 posts. She has many recent posts about her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival and the news about her debut.

Nancy Tyagi is also available on YouTube with the channel handle – @nancytyagi_. There, she has 1.47M subscribers and 719 videos. She makes vlogs like lifestyle and Q & A videos or vlogs.

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