Liam Woodrum Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Liam Woodrum is an American personality and an actor by profession. Back on 30th May 2024, they released a new Netflix series called Geek Girl [season 1]. In that series, the supporting role of Nick Park is played by the actor Liam Woodrum. Originally, Geek Girl was taken from a teen book series by the same name and was written by Holly Smale.

Liam Woodrum Net Worth

Liam Woodrum has newly stepped into the entertainment industry and has only a few credits working for different shows. He has, however, worked for Netflix in music videos and for a television film [that is yet to be released]. Indeed, Liam only has a few credits for working on such entertaining shows.

He has also developed an interest in basketball and other sports. We can predict that Liam was an athlete at some time in the past. He might have connections with sponsored brands and commercials and might be earning around $1 million as his net worth as of 2024.

Net Worth: $1 Million
Real Name: Liam Woodrum
Birth Date: October 22, 2001
Age (as of 2024): 21 Years
Birth Place: Anaheim, Southern California, USA
Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)

Early Life

Liam Woodrum was born on 22nd October 2001 in Anaheim, Southern California. Liam is a graduate of Canyon High School, where he used to play basketball for the “Canyon Varsity Boys Basketball team.” He belongs to the batch class of year – 2021.

Later, he played club basketball for the team Cali Stars. He was first discovered by the agency Prep Hoops, which has the primary motive to cover/organize basketball events for the boys’ team only. He was first associated with the agency in May 2020.

Rise to Fame

He is an established model and a newcomer in the entertainment industry with only a few films. In the series Geek Girl, he is the one who has a love interest in the character Harriet Manners, played by Emily Carey.


Before landing the role of Nick for Geek Girl, Liam Woodrum played an important role in the film Zion National: A National Park Romance. The film was released in 2023, and it required him to team up with the native park rangers. He eventually played the role of Tate Proudstar for the movie, the absolute leading role in the film.

He has developed his interest in athletics apart from being an actor. There is a video on YouTube titled Liam Woodrum 2019, in which he is playing basketball with his other companions. Liam has developed his skills and interest in sports and other related games like swimming, baseball, soccer, martial arts, basketball, and surfing.

Though Liam has worked on only a few projects in the entertainment industry, he has tested different shows/films/events/shorts/videos, etc. Apart from the two credits, i.e., Geek Girl and Zion National: A National Park Romance, he also possesses a third credit for a music video. Back in 2023, he appeared in a music video called “Other Side of the Rainbow” by Extreme.

Besides, He is all set to prepare his other leading character for the upcoming film, 213 Bones, a film that has a complete picturization of the 1990s. Woodrum is playing the character of Eric. It is confirmed that the film will be televised to the audience within the 20s and 30s demographic.

Personal Life

He has not completely disclosed details about his life, such as his sibling’s details, his parents’ details, and his personal life. Liam Woodrum is available on Instagram with the handle name – liamwoodrum. He has 71.8K followers, 543 following members, and only 14 posts. The most recent posts on his Instagram belong to his new series, Geek Girl. he had his first post on Instagram on 14th January 2020, uploading a video of his basketball game.

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    • I have watched it so many times I know it off by heart and my favourite bits are when I see Liam woodrum ❤️❤️❤️


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