Julia Gagnon Bio, Age, Net Worth

Julia Gagnon is an Afro-Indigenous personality appearing for American Idol, Season 22. She advanced to the top 8 contestants on Sunday night, 28th April 2024. She would now compete for the top 7 on the singing stage.

Only eight contestants remain on the show, and each sings songs released in the year of their birth. There is tough competition on the stage where everyone has a competitor plus family-like feelings. The judges were also impressed and praised each of them.

Julia Gagnon Net Worth

Besides the fact that she participates in various local singing competitions and is famous because of her performances in American Idol 22, Julia Gagnon is still a student. She is reading in her senior year of college at the University of Southern Maine. However, she might be getting prizes and awards for her performances. We can predict her net worth around $200k.

Net Worth: $200K
Real Name: Julia Gagnon
Birth Date: 2002
Age (as of 2024): 21
Birth Place: Guatemala
Height: 1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)
Boyfriend: Nate Haven

Early Life

Julia Gagnon is a college student born in 2002, making her 21 years old as of 2024. Julia Gagnon, the native of Cumberland, ME, was brought up by her loving and caring parents, Meg and Jim Gagnon. She is a graduate of North Yarmouth Academy and is pursuing her senior year at the University of Southern Maine (as of 2024).

Julia said (on the set of American Idol) that she was bullied and harassed for her looks and background. However, after her chorus teacher, Nora Krainis encouraged her to participate and sing publicly, she gained self-confidence. She sings and works on her singing talent with her parents.

Julia’s birth mother’s name is Sara Ramos, who is ill and fighting a severe infection. Her parents adopted Julia from Guatemala at age 2. She was 18 when she contacted her biological mother and found that her mother was ill. Since then, she has been in contact with her biological mother, taking good care of her.


Julia Gagnon, who appeared on American Idol Season 22, did not watch the show until she saw an episode with her fiance on the Hulu app while preparing for a local Maine singing competition.

American Idol Season 22

When she appeared as the ninth contestant on the stage, she sang the song “Here I Am” by Bryan Adams (2022). After she had completed it, the judges seemed very impressed by her. The judge, Bryan, said she has improved her performance since the show was started. Richie said, “That was fantastic.”

It was shocking for Julia to appear in the top 8 contestants. She immediately hugged the following contestant and started hopping on the stage. Julia Gagnon was trained for Sunday’s performance (28th April 2024) by the country musician Shania Twain.

Julia Gagnon further revealed that she chose this particular song because it tells her story. She could connect the lyrics of the song to her life. She is adopted and first heard the song when she was only four. The music was initially written for the movie, “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.”

Personal Life

Julia Gagnon is engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Nate Haven (as of April 2024). She has been with him since the days of her appearance on the show American Idol or even before that time.

Social Media

Julia Gagnon is available on Facebook with the same name. She has 5.7K followers and is following none. She is pretty active on social media and revealed on Facebook that she engaged to her boyfriend, Nate Haven, on 1st January 2024.

On Instagram, she is available with a handle name – juliasingsabit. Seeing her Instagram, we can predict that she is an avid lover of animals. She has given the link to her songs on Spotify on her Instagram account. She has enlisted three songs on Spotify: Fall, August, and Bittersweet. On Spotify, she is available under the name Chocolate Milk. There, she has 1,493 monthly listeners.

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