Jeff Arcuri Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Jeff Arcuri is an American personality who is also known by the name Joke Machine. He came to Chicago from Michigan and quickly found work at various centres, bars, clubs and other laugh factories. Jeff is better known for doing standup comedy. Besides, he is an actor who has done a short film and a podcast.

Jeff Arcuri Net Worth

Jeff Arcuri has been involved in the comedy industry for almost ten years. He came to Chicago from Michigan in 2012 after leaving everything. Jeff makes himself better every year than he did in the previous year. He began by practising comedy at different stages, competitions, bars, clubs, and laughing factories.

Since 2014, Jeff has been there on television doing TV series, podcasts, and a short film – Marcus Finds a Voice – a 10 m short film released in 2014. Surely, he is making good money because of his hard work and determination. Jeff might be making a net worth as high as $2 million.

Net Worth: $2 Million
Real Name: Jeff Arcuri
Birth Date: October 2, 1980s
Age (as of 2024): 40s
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Early Life

Jeff Arcuri celebrates his birthday on 2nd October every year. On 2nd October 2020, he posted two images of himself on Instagram wishing “Happy Birthday” to himself. Jeff Arcuri has a mother whose birthday is on the 15th of November. Jeff celebrated her mother’s birthday by posting an image with her on Instagram in 2019. Jeff has two sisters, and both are married and have kids.


Jeff Arcuri moved from Michigan to Chicago for comedy work. He had earlier worked at a cell phone store. He would ask people about their jobs with little enthusiasm. One of his customers advised him to enter the comedy industry and have some open mics to speak about other things.

It was around February 2010 when he began having comedy classes at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle. While in the class, he learned how to make comic jokes, and he felt happier to pay $300 for those joke-learning skills.

After getting suggested by his teacher, Bill Bushart, Jeff entered a comedy competition. That time, Jeff would write his jokes, and he would write continuously for three days. It was his first time to be in front of a real audience on the stage. The best thing he got to know was that he wanted to continue with jokes and comedy work.

After that, he became a regular at The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Bar, Zanies Comedy Clubs, and others. He even received the honor of being called “Joke Machine” by The Chicago Tribune.

Rise to Fame

Jeff says that his first five years were little “performancy” and after the time when he gained little confidence in himself, he feels like to go more confidently on the stages. Sometimes, Jeff needs to figure out things that would make people laugh. He focuses on how to make people laugh at things at which he laughs.

He says that it’s more fun and interesting to let people laugh at things that are funny for you, too. He has done two shows, Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle and The Late Show. On 14th July 2023, he made a video over the joke about “the people going to college and the college areas or campuses”, which later became the most popular video and gathered around two million views on TikTok.

Jeff has performed on the stages of dozens of colleges, and they all have come out to be a blast. The college kids create a happy environment in themselves and make his jokes more interesting to listen to.

He has also performed for nuclear power plants at least a couple of days a week. He says that the procedure of nuclear power plants like going through security, passing by men and women, carrying assault rifles, and shooting a lot of bullets — the procedure is intense in itself.

Jeff has performed for nearly 200 engineers at 8 am. Joking in front of engineers and having a good time for them is what makes him feel proud. People say that it is where Jeff has got his voice.

Personal Life

Jeff Arcuri has not revealed anything regarding his personal life. He has not discussed anything about his girlfriend’s details, and if he had, he has kept it a secret. Jeff has an Instagram account with the handle name – jarcuri. There, he has 1.2M followers, 1,221 following members, and 339 posts.

Among all those posts, he has many images or clips from standup shows. He is also available on Facebook with the same name – Jeff Arcuri and is quite active there. You can follow him and learn about his upcoming standup shows on his website –

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