Allison Huynh Bio, Age, Parents, Net Worth

Allison Huynh is an American personality and computer scientist by profession. She is also an entrepreneur and a former fundraiser for Obama. Allison sold her original painting to raise money for Obama and was used as a model for the famous Hope poster. She helped Obama raise funds for his campaign back in 2008. She is also the co-creator of Willow Garage, which deals in robotics and AI systems and sold to Google.

Allison Huynh Net Worth

Earlier, Allison Huynh and her husband, Scott Hassan, had a net worth of more than $1.8 billion. Hassan had shares in Google worth $13 billion. Combinedly, the couple pegged a net worth of around $1.8 million, but after the divorce, it came lower to only $1 billion for Scott Hassan.

It is also speculated that she has taken hold of 50% of her ex-husband’s assets after the divorce. Allison Huynh also had to struggle to raise three children amid the divorce disputes without having compensation from her ex-husband. Now, since she owns a company called MyDream and presents herself on television, she is known to have a net worth of $20 million and a luxurious lifestyle.

Net Worth: $20 Million
Real Name: Allison Huynh
Birth Date: 1975
Age (as of 2024): 49 Years
Birth Place: Saigon, Vietnam
Height: 1.67 m (5 ft 6 in)
Husband: Scott Hassan

Early Life

Allison Huynh was born in 1975, making her 48 years old as of 2024. She was born in Saigon, a city in the North of Vietnam. Her father used to work for the US Air Force and used to handle chemical weaponry; he later came to America when Allison was born.

After that, the mother and Allison followed him in 1982. The family that then resided in Texas brought Huynh as an exceptional student. She received her high school graduate degree in three years with a scholarship to admit to Stanford. She earned a degree in symbolic system engineering and later joined the tech boom.


Allison began her professional career in 1996, working for Internet Media Services for Stanford University. While studying at Stanford University, she quickly learned how to make websites and design things.

Later, Allison developed a website for Stanford Federal Credit Union (one of the first online banks) and Alain Pinel Realtors (the first online real estate company). She also worked and developed a website for nearly 500 banks in total.

Earlier, Allison was a part-time employee, and after becoming a full-time employee, she developed a website and designed the same for Wells Fargo. This company works in the domain of financial services. From January 1996, she worked as a consultant developing websites until October 2001.

Allison Huynh serves as the co-founder and CEO of MyDream. The company deals in computer graphics, VR/AR, and blockchain, and they have patents in the exact domains. While being associated with the company, she has worked for a few celebrities and artists like Andrew Leker, a GDC award-winning game designer.

She is also the primary presenter for various TV shows, TV series, etc. She was the main speaker for those shows, including Jesse Watters Primetime, released in 2022. She appeared in one of the episodes of this TV series in 2024.

JFK Rocking Chair

Allison Huynh, the biggest supporter of the Democratic Party, is now ready to sell her rocking chair, which belonged to former President John F. Kennedy. She purchased that chair at an auction ceremony for nearly $10,000.

In 2008, Shepard Fairey painted the Hope Poster, which Allison Huynh owns and later purchased for seven figures. She is all set to get rid of the collectibles she has been responsible for caring for and maintaining. She is set to sell those collectibles priced at millions of dollars.

Personal Life

Allison Huynh met Scott Hassan in 2000. Scott Hassan was also a graduate of Stanford University. The pair met each other through a mutual Silicon Valley Friend. The pair then got married in 2001 and later got divorced in 2020. During this period, the pair raised three homeschooled children because of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Allison gave birth to two daughters [age 21 and 18 years old] and a son [age 16 years old]. While going through the divorce disputes, it was speculated that Allison was not concerned with her ex-husband for selling the company, Willow Garage, at a lower price.

Scott Hassan, the principal owner of Willow Garage, attempted to sell the company for $800,000, but Allison asserted that its value was significantly higher. She asserted that Hussan was set to sell the company at a lower price amid the anger due to divorce disputes. She also stated that Hassan was selling the assets he could share with her.

Social Media

Allison Huynh is available on Instagram with the handle name – allihuynh, where she has 270 followers and 185 following members. She has only 13 posts on her Instagram, all from her personal life, including family, friends, children, etc.

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