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Isaac Hirsch is a new contestant on Jeopardy, previously appearing on Season 15 of the U.S. version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” on May 22, 2017. He won $5000 after answering the questions wrong, worth $20,000. He entered the Jeopardy show on 3rd July 2024, and since then, he has been consistent with his performance on the show. He is currently a five-day champion.

Isaac Hirsch Net Worth

Isaac Hirsch is a Customer support team lead. Indeed, Isaac is gathering good fortune because of his hard work and enthusiasm. Moreover, in five days, from July 3rd to July 9th, 2024, he earned $120,187 on Jeopardy. We can assume that Isaac might have a net worth of around $300K as of 2024.

Net Worth: $300 Thousand
Real Name: Isaac Hirsch
Birth Date: 1980s
Age (as of 2024): 35 to 40 years
Birth Place: Greenbelt, Maryland, United States
Parents Steven Hirsch [Father]

Early Life

A native of Ashton, Maryland Isaac lives in Burbank California, and appears to be around 35 to 40 years old. Isaac was born in Greenbelt and ever since his school, he has been interested in quizzes and trivia. He studied at the University of Maryland, College Park, and also went to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College. His father’s name is Steven Hirsch.

He is not the only one who appeared for the Jeopardy from the Hirsch family. His father also appeared in the show, season 2, in 1985. Steven Hirsch was there on the show when Alex Trebek hosted it. Isaac Hirsch and his family belong to Burbank, Calif., and on the stage, Issac resembles the fashion sense of 70s menswear.


Isaac currently works as the customer support team manager at Burbank. However, as per his Facebook profile, he tried his hand as a stand-up comedian and also worked in the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Jeopardy Journey

Isaac first appeared on the show on 3rd July 2024. Since he entered the show, he has gathered $120,187 [as of his 5-day winning]. Isaac Hirsch, on his fourth day on the stage of Jeoaprdy, faced Stephanie Lewis from Washington, D.C., and Karan Menon from Edison, New Jersey, on Monday night [8th July 2024]. In the Jeopardy Round, Isaac got 18 correct responses and one incorrect. It made him have a tie with the season-long Drew Basile. It eventually became the season-high responses for Isaac- 18 correct responses.

During Double Jeopardy Round –

  • Isaac – $11,800
  • Karan – $2,400
  • Stephanie – $200

Issac then answered correctly in the Daily Double Round and won over $5,000. Now, the scores after Final Jeopardy was like –

  • Issac – $27,400
  • Karan – $ 7,200
  • Stephanie – $5,000

During the final question round, Issac won an additional $3,000, for a total of $30,400 and a total four-day winning of $100,586. Isaac, who said he entered the show with low confidence, now feels proud of himself about how things will go next week.

Before coming to Jeopardy, he saw seven games getting filmed and found himself in fear and having low confidence. Also, he could have performed better in the buzzer rehearsal that time. So far, Isaac has won an amount that is described below –

  • 3rd July 2024 – $19,185
  • 4th July 2024 – $28,801
  • 5th July 2024 – $22,200
  • 8th July 2024 – $30,400
  • 9th July 2024 – $19,601

Jeopardy Journey [5th day]

On 9th July 2024 [the fifth day for Isaac], he faced Anna Paone from New York and Kathy Davis from Indiana. After the final Jeopardy round, Issac gathered $19,400, Anna Paone gathered $9,800, and Kathy Davis gathered $3,800.

For the next round, Isaac wagered $201 after thinking he needed that much to win outright. Finally, he was left with $19,601 for the fifth day, totaling $120,187 for the five days. Anna Paone came second after wagering an amount of $1,201 but came up with the wrong answer.

Kathy came third after wagering $0 and leaving the answer blank. Watching how Issac unfolds the answering and his buzzer practices in front of the audience and the new contestants on 10th July 2024 is interesting.

Personal Life

Isaac Hirsch has not revealed any details about his wife and children. It is not known whether Isaac is married. Isaac Hirsch is not available on any social media platform like Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. We wonder if he is available with a private account.

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