Richard Goodall Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Richard Goodall is an American personality and has been working professionally as a janitor at an elementary school for 23 years. He has never been in a situation where he had to change his career. There is a very bit about his career details. However, we have collected a few details about him and tried gathering them in sequence. Read further….

Richard Goodall Net Worth

Richard Goodall has 23 years of experience working in elementary schools and entertaining students with his singing talent. Though he works as a Janitor at schools, he is also part of a band called ManOpause.

Richard and his companions do local singing at the places of Terre Haute. Surely, he is gathering good fortune for himself because of his hard work, patience, calmness, determination, and enthusiasm, which he has gathered with the experience of more than two decades. His net worth is around $150K

Net Worth: $150 Thousand
Real Name: Richard Goodall
Birth Date: 1970s
Age (as of 2024): 55 Years
Residence: Terre Haute, Indiana, United States
Wife: Patty Goodall

Early Life

Richard Goodall is 55 years old as of 2024. He resides in Terre Haute in Indiana, United States, where he works at an elementary school that is only three blocks away from his residence. Richard works in an elementary school, and while on the job, he often needs to take care of small kids and maintain discipline.

For the same, he often sings for kids. He once sang a song,  “Don’t Stop Believing”, and his performance went viral on the internet. Richard was even suggested by the famous TV personality, actor, producer, and writer Howie Mandel. He commented on his TikTok video, stating that he “needs to be on AGT.”


Richard Goodall chose the song “Don’t Stop Believing” as it describes his singing journey in episode no. 1901. Moved by his performance, the judge, Heidi Klum, holds the golden buzzer for him. He will now be singing directly for the live shows besides giving the auditions at every step and competing with others.

Richard worked at Chauncey Rose Middle School and has been working as a janitor for the last 23 years. He now works at the West Vigo Middle School, where he sings and works as a Janitor. Before these two jobs, he was working at Davis Park Elementary School.

There, at the year-end program, he sang the song “Don’t Stop Believing.” Richard Goodall is already a part of a band called ManOpause, where he works and sings with his companion, Tom Greenberg. The band is known to perform locally around the streets of Terre Haute.

The band is better known for performing songs that need more energy and power, which others often avoid. Richard Goodall, in his interview, said that while growing up, he would listen to the music in his bedroom with his “Radio Shack stereo.”

Since Richard sings and entertains students, they often suggest to him that he has talent and must try some big platform for the same. Since the live shows of contestants having been chosen through Golden Buzzer will begin on 13th August 2024, Richard, who is already a part of the band, will have plenty of time to prepare for the next song.

Personal Life

Richard married his wife Patty and she lost her life battling cancer back in June 2021. Currently, he is in a relationship with his girlfriend Angie and, before starting his performance at AGT, he even talked to the judges and said to them that he was going to marry.

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      That was amazing to hear him sing & to see him get a golden buzzer!!

    • I think Richards’ Version of this song exceeds the Original!; sorry Just my opinion., & I too wish/hope, Want & believe he should Win AGT 2024!,, G*d Bless Him!, such a lovely Humane Being… ❤️.

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      • I think Richards’ rendition of this song exceeds the Original!; sorry Just my opinion., & I too wish/hope, Want & believe he should Win AGT 2024!,, G*d Bless think Richards’ Version of this song exceeds the Original!; sorry Just my opinion., & I too wish/hope, Want & believe he should Win AGT 2024!,, G*d Bless Him!, such a lovely Humane Being… ❤️Him!, such a lovely Humane Being… ❤️.

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