Kathryn Burgum Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Kathryn Burgum is an American personality and is known as the “First Lady of North Dakota” after her husband Doug Burgum became the 33rd Governor of North Dakota. She supports her husband at every step of his life, whether professional or personal. Kathryn quite often appears alongside Doug on various television shows for the public conversation about strengthening the government.

Kathryn Burgum Net Worth

Kathryn Burgum has spent nearly 22 years with “the Recovery Reinvented,” the program that works to manage and seek help for people with health issues because of addiction. She says that “addiction is a chronic disease, not a character flaw. Besides, she has been involved in various welfare programs.

Indeed, she is gathering a reasonable amount for herself, but her first responsibility is to manage and be involved in welfare programs only. As the wife of the Governor, she might be gathering a good amount of $7 million as her net worth.

Net Worth: $7 Million
Real Name: Kathryn Burgum
Birth Date: June 6, 1960s
Age (as of 2024): 59-63 years old (estimated)
Birth Place: Jamestown, North Dakota
Husband: Doug Burgum

Early Life

Kathryn Burgum is the second of four children born to her parents. She was raised in Jamestown, North Dakota, where her family was versed in the business of John Deere for over 35 years.


Kathryn Burgum held the first job in her family business working for the parts department. She graduated with Honors from Jamestown High School, where she was involved in student council, varsity tennis, cheerleading, and choir. She received her undergraduate degree in retail business at Arizona State University. Later, she received a master’s in business administration in human resources from the University of North Texas.

Kathryn Burgum’s primary responsibilities as a “First Lady” are to eliminate chronic disease of addiction in North Dakota’s communities. According to her, addiction is a chronic disease and not a character flaw. She also works as an Advisory Council for the Office of Recovery Reinvented. Her work allows her to sit between the big naming foundations and celebrities.

Meeting with advocates, having talks about the field of experts, and meeting stakeholders worldwide, the White House, the Voice of Recovery, etc, are all included in her responsibilities. Kathryn is also a member of the board of trustees for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. She has given 25 years to human resources and marketing industries. She has seen the escalation in the sectors like retail, software, manufacturing, real estate, biotechnology, and agriculture.

Apart from all her essential responsibilities towards the community, she is also involved in charities for at-risk women, children, and animals. She is also involved in welfare tasks for visionary artists and the arts, addiction, and recovery. She spares her time for enjoying fishing, horsing, reading, snowboarding, and watching college football.

Personal Life

Kathryn Burgum is a happy-living married woman. She is married to Doug Burgum. It is the second marriage for Doug Burgum and the first one for Kathryn. Earlier, Doug was married to Karen Stoker in 1991. They gave birth to three children and finally divorced in 2003. Then, in 2016, he married Kathryn Helgaas.

The same year, Doug Burgum became the 33rd Governor of North Dakota, and Kathryn was given the crown of first lady of North Dakota. As a first lady, she has championed the recovery program on addiction and recovery from “the Recovery Reinvented.”

Social Media

Kathryn is available on Instagram with her name – firstladynd. She has 1,936 followers, 352 following members, and 280 posts. Her latest post is her appearance at the Government to Government (G2G) conference. She has posted chiefly images and videos where she could be seen attending events with children, other needy people, and her husband.

On Twitter, she goes by the name – First Lady Kathryn Burgum [@FirstLadyND], which she joined in February 2017. Kathryn is available on Facebook with her name – First Lady Kathryn Burgum, with 6.8K likes and 7.7K followers.

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