Juan Merchan Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Juan Merchan is an American personality and a known American judge and former prosecutor. He is working as an acting judge [the temporary personality that acts as a judge] for the New York State Supreme Court in New York County (Manhattan). He was the leading judge for the case of former president Donald Trump in the 2024 criminal trial case. His complete name is Juan Manuel Merchan.

Juan Merchan Net Worth

Juan Merchan has been working for around 30 years as a government attorney or authority in the courts of the United States. He is undoubtedly accumulating a good fortune because of his hard work and determination. Judge Juan’s net worth should be around $5 million as of 2024.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Real Name: Juan Merchan
Birth Date: 1962 or 1963
Age (as of 2024): 61-62 Years
Birth Place: Bogotá, Colombia
Height: 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)

Early Life

Juan Merchan is around 61 or 62 years old as of 2024. He was born in Bogotá, Colombia. He is one of the youngest of six children born to his parents. He and his family emigrated to New York City when he was six and later grew up in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Juan’s father was a military officer in Colombia. He studied business at Baruch College in Manhattan and graduated in 1990. Later, he received his Juris degree from Hofstra University School of Law on Long Island in 1994. He was his family’s first college-going student and learner.


Juan Merchan began working officially in 1994 as an assistant district attorney in the trial division. He was then appointed to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. After working for the designation for many years, he moved to Long Island, where he was appointed to the state attorney general’s office.

Juan Merchan first held the position of judge in 2006 when the mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, appointed him to the New York City Family Court, Bronx County. He had the role of the judge until 2009. After that, in 2009, Juan was hired as the acting judge by Chief Administrative Judge Ann Pfau in the Supreme Court of New York. Juan has held that designation since then.

He looks after the criminal case 2024 and the felony charges against former president Donald Trump and leads the trial cases of Donald Trump. Simultaneously, in 2009, Governor David Paterson appointed Juan Merchan a judge at the New York Court of Claims. Juan served that designation until 2018.

Personal Life

Juan Merchan is a happy-living married man with his extended family residing in the United States. His daughter’s name is Loren, and she got married in 2022. She heads the digital marketing agency that works with Democratic Party Candidates and other non-profit organizations.

2024 Juan Merchan and his daughter were highlighted because former President Donald Trump called her and Juan “a Rabid Trump Hater.” He said that Loren talked about him with his father and admitted the same in a conversation. Afterward, Trump demanded a new judge, but his demand was declined, and he is still involved in the case he filed against Juan and his daughter.

Social Media

Juan Merchan is an acting judge at the Supreme Court in New York, United States. He is available on LinkedIn having 145 connections. On LinkedIn, he goes by the name Juan Merchan, who joined in November 2010. Apart from certifications and his average degrees or other educations, he has volunteering experience as an adjunct faculty member for the Hofstra University School of Law since January 2000.

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  1. He is not trust worthy-he did not run a fair trail for President Trump, Wonder how much he was paid to make sure President Trump goes to jail,, We must fight to have him disbarred from the bench,, and he must get no monies no pension-insurance – and any other benefits !,in fact he should be charged for voting interference!


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