Elsina Khayrova Bio, Age, Net Worth

Elsina Khayrova is a model and a celebrity girlfriend. She is famously known for being Tom Cruise’s girlfriend. However, the pair is reportedly known to have ended their relationship. Their relationship has ended, and the fans are eager to learn about this deliberated move, breaking many’s hearts.

Elsina Khayrova Net Worth

Elsina Khayrova’s primary source of income is modelling. She is the co-founder of a flower-related firm, and the brand ambassador of a travel company called Berkeley Travels. She earns a good income from her work and daily Instagram modelling posts/promotions. She is a socialite personality, and her name is counted among the wealthy people of the society.

Net Worth: $1 Million
Real Name: Elsina Khayrova
Birth Date: 1987
Age (as of 2024): 36 Years
Birth Place: Russia
Height: 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Boyfriend: Tom Cruise

Early Life

Elsina Khayrova is around 36 or 37 years old as of 2024. She was born in Russia and is known to live in London. Elsina is the daughter of Rinat Khayrova. Her father was one of the active members of the Russian Military Police. He was involved in Vladimir Putin’s party and was a part of the community of a close ally of the country’s leader.


Elsina Khayrova was a well-known model before her marriage. She used to model for different brands and magazines. She had modelled for the brands like Graff. She also promoted jewellery brands and other products. In 2015, a luxury jewellery brand shared a snap of her on their Instagram account, wearing a pair of earrings.

Elsina stayed in the limelight and did not work much after marrying the diamond trader, Russian tycoon Dmitry Tsvetkov. He used to have a net worth of $250 million as of 2022.

Personal Life

Elsina Khayrova’s First Marriage

Elsina Khayrova divorced her first husband, Russian oligarch Dmitry Tsvetkov, in 2022. The pair maintained a marriage of a decade. Elsina reportedly has a daughter and a son from her previous marriage. Besides, Elsina seems closer to her only daughter, whom she shares with her last husband.

She shared a tribute to her daughter on Instagram. Her daughter’s name is Eva, and the pair have a good, friendly relationship. Elsina and her husband, Dmitry Tsvetkov, went on a battle of divorce over a $27 million estate in the English countryside and fought for the $22 million properties in London.

On the other hand, Dmitry told The Daily Mail in December 2023 that his wealth had shaken up and declined from $250 million to $63 million since their divorce. Dmitry had to spend a lot of money and charges in legal fees against the divorce case, sell off properties, and hand a good fortune to Elsina in the legal fees for divorce.

Elsina Khayrova’s Relationship With Tom Cruise

At first, the pair did not announce their relationship. They kept it private, but in early November 2023, they were spotted together at a party in London’s Grosvenor Square. They were seen hanging out together and enjoying the party at the private club. They used to regularly enjoy their afternoon tea and gourmet dinners out in the London restaurant.

Regarding her new relationship, Dmitry said that Tom Cruise should have his wallet wide open for Elsina. She has an expensive and luxurious taste. She likes finer things in life, and he should be aware of such things.

The couple, Tom and Elsina, first appeared in December 2023. The couple revealed they had been dating before this public appearance for a while. They used to hang out at Tom’s favourite private clubs, and their friendship turned into a more special relationship.

On 27th March 2024, many sources like Us Weekly reported that the couple ended their relationship. And it was Elsina who was responsible for this end. Another source, “Inside”, revealed that there is no bad blood between them, and they have different ideas. Their relationship was delicate earlier, but now they have parted ways.

Social Media

Elsina Khayrova is available on Instagram with 21.8 K followers and 865 posts. Out of those posts, she has many posts related to her modelling. She has promoted brands like #magdabutrym, Photographers like @__bayanov__, makeup producers like @mamedova_makeup and hotel promotions like Ritz Paris.

On Mother’s Day [9th March 2024], Elsina celebrated the occasion with her daughter while promoting the flower brand graceflorallondon. Her daughter celebrates her birthday on 13th September every year.

In 2023, Elsina captioned a series of images with her daughter saying happy birthday to my best friend. She writes in her bio on her Instagram that she is a co-founder of @graceflorallondon and a Brand Ambassador of @berkeleytravel.

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