Don Vultaggio Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Don Vultaggio is an American personality and a businessman by profession. He runs a business of beverages and is the co-founder of the co-founder of Arizona Beverage Company. The company is versed in the making of iced tea, energy drinks, and juice cocktails. The company is based in New York and made its first product available in 1992.

Don Vultaggio Net Worth

He has been running only one business for around 30 years, along with its two or three brand lines in beverages like green tea and Arnold Palmer. Besides, he puts in prize money for giveaways and other related competitions. As per Forbes, Don Vultaggio is known to earn a net worth of around $6.6 billion, which makes him among the list of richest people in the United States.

Net Worth: $6.6 Billion
Real Name: Don Vultaggio
Birth Date: 1951 or 1952
Age (as of 2024): 71–72 Years
Birth Place: Flatbush, New York, USA
Height: 1.98 m (6 ft 6 in)
Wife: Ilene Vultaggio

Early Life

Don Vultaggio, who is 72 years old as of 2024, grew up in Flatbush, the neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City, New York. During his time, his father used to manage the A&P supermarket as a manager.


Don opened his company “Arizona Beverage,” which at once was selling tallboy cans of iced tea for around 99-cent. Don used to live in a place that was the toughest place to live and survive and where others refused to go. Being there, Don would sell beer and soda from the back of his old van in the 1970s. After that, in 1992, he launched iced tea, launching “Arizona Beverage” from a Brooklyn warehouse. He quickly had competitors in his way for the taller cans and flashier labels.

Don Vultaggio, who made brands like green tea and Arnold Palmer lines, would sell tea, juices, water, and alcoholic drinks annually for $4 billion. Don Vultaggio, who had the beginning of his business with his friend John Ferolito, was once having a flourishing work and business at that time. But, there were many hurdles in their way and the pair had to face each other in a legal feud.

The two friends who turned partners and became businessmen had a fallout in 2010 and began against each other. The legal feud or the court case ran for around six years in the court. Vultaggio eventually won the lawsuit, becoming the independent runner of the company and the whole business. But, he had to give the lengthy share or settlement to his friend, an amount of about $1 billion in 2015.

Philanthropist Work

The family is versed in philanthropist work and other causes through their hometown of Woodbury, New York. The family quietly donated to charities, sponsored community events, and supported local causes without being in the limelight and avoiding cameras.

Personal Life

Don Vultaggio is a happy-living married man. He has a wife and an extended family of two sons. His wife’s name is Ilene, and she is an artist by profession. They have two sons, who are known to be living in Port Washington, New York.

The elder son’s name is Wesley Vultaggio, who is the chief creative officer, and the youngest son’s name is Spencer, who is the chief marketing officer. Both used to work for the family business and the company Arizona Beverage.

Back in 2004, the family bought a two-acre “private peninsula” in Sands Point, Long Island, worth $4 million. There, they built a mansion of around 30 rooms, and the building was completed in 2007.

Social Media

He is only available on Twitter and goes by the handle name – Don Vultaggio [@DonVultaggio]. There, he stated that he is the founder and chairman of @drinkarizona. Don Vultaggio joined Twitter in April 2022 and since then has gathered 4,979 followers.

On Twitter, he also mentions that he is the runner of a giveaway competition called “Thirsty Thirt”, The company, which became 30 years old, celebrates ageing with its customers and asks for a new design for the real beverage. The winner would be given an amount of $10K, a trip to New York and the crown of “Chief Flavor Officer.” the competition has been completed, and the page has selected the top 50 people from 30,000 submissions.

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