Alex Hormozi Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Alex Hormozi is an Iranian-American personality and an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist by profession. He began his first mortar and brick business in 2013. He spread his business to at least three locations within three years.

To transition into his turnaround business, he sold all his locations. Later, to start his 32+ brick-and-mortar business around the same model, he spent two years. He now has his brick-and-mortar business successfully at privately owned locations.

Alex Hormozi Net Worth

Alex is now 36 years old, and his net worth crossed $100 million when he was only 32. He became a millionaire man when he was only 23 years old.

Net Worth: $100 Million
Real Name: Alex Hormozi
Birth Date: August 18, 1988
Age (as of 2024): 35 Years
Birth Place: United States
Height: 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Wife: Leila Hormozi

Early Life

Alex Hormozi was born on 18th August 1988, making him 35 years old as of 2024. He received his graduation from Vanderbilt University Magna Cum Laude within three years. He received a BS in Human & Organizational Development, specializing in Corporate Strategy. Before starting his first business and after graduation, he worked as a management consultant for a boutique strategy firm for two years. Alex Hormozi is the only child of his parents.


Alex Hormozi has various other expertise in skills like customer acquisition and monetization. He has his name in Google’s list of the Top 25 Internet Celebrity Entrepreneurs alongside other artists like Tai Lopez, Dan Bilzerian, Josh King Jet Madrid, Lewis Howes, and others.

After making 32+ brick-and-mortar businesses in two years, he spent the same procedure and became a licensing model. After that, his business and the model spread to over 4000+ locations in four years. Over the same four-year period, he founded three more companies in four sectors: software, service, e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar.

He had the sales of all these companies reach up to $120M+. He then left or withdrew his name from his ownership of seven companies. He had his most notable exit from the licensing company, having sales of $46.2M in 2021.

In all these companies, he was the CEO and later transitioned from CEO to owner/shareholder in 2020. He then founded to invest the money of his businesses or wealth, both monetarily and intellectually. His investment thesis is based on processes like asset-light, high cash flow, digital products businesses, and sales-focused services.

Alex Hormozi is a known internet celebrity who is an established author, actor, podcaster, entrepreneur, public speaker, and digital marketer. He has also attended television shows like Behind the Brand (2010), Success TV (2011), and World’s Greatest Social Stars! Top 25 (2015), Kings of the Internet (2022), and Top 22 Internet Millionaires (2022).

His current business or portfolio has reached a revenue of $200M across domains like b2c & b2b services, e-commerce, SAAS, and e-learning. By 32, he crossed $100M in his net worth. He is running his businesses successfully with his wife, Leila Hormozi. He spent his free time educating and encouraging entrepreneurship in underprivileged communities.

Personal Life

Alex Hormozi is happily married to his wife, Leila Hormozi. They have been married for more than six years. They might have no child after their marriage and have given no details of their child.

Social Media

On Instagram, he is available with a verified account and goes by the handle name –hormozi. He has 2.6M followers, 309 following members, and 2,033 posts. In his bio, he mentions that he owns, where he invests the wealth into other businesses.

Alex is available on YouTube with a verified name and goes by the handle – @AlexHormozi. He often makes motivational videos on YouTube, like “Behind the Scenes”, for making other videos with his wife.

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