Adriana Harmeyer Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Adriana Harmeyer is an American personality and an archivist by profession. She has won 17 games in Jeopardy and is now eligible to be called “the super champion of Jeopardy.” She has indeed qualified for the “Tournament of Champions.”

Adriana received the title of “Super Champion” after ten years and two months after the title was first taken by the previous champion, Julia Collins. Adriana is the first female to be called the “Super Champion” in almost three years since Amy Schneider’s biggest 40-day win.

Quick Info
Real Name: Adriana Harmeyer
Birth Date: August 1, 1989
Age (as of 2024): 34 Years
Birth Place: Wabash, Indiana, USA
Husband: Neal Harmeyer
Net Worth: $1 Million

Early Life

Adriana Harmeyer was born on 1st August 1989, making her 35 years old as of 2024. Her full name is Adriana Michelle Harmeyer. Adriana was born and grew up in West Lafayette, Indiana. She graduated from Spring Valley High School in 2006 and received her bachelor’s degree from Marshall University in 2010. Later, she received her master’s from the University of Michigan in 2012.


Adriana Harmeyer currently works for Purdue University. She is in the Department of Archives and Special Collections, where she is responsible for the whole activity development system, consultations, guest lecturing, hosts, workshops, and every other activity with the faculty across various disciplines. Adriana Harmeyer has maintained her archivist career for a long time. She has been versed in this occupation since August 2016.

Jeopardy Journey [the 13th day]

Adriana Harmeyer, who is working as an archivist and a clinical assistant professor, was expected to have fewer scores than others on Friday’s [14th June 2024] game. She entered the show on 29th May 2024. On Friday’s game, the fans were convinced she would not run further in the show, but she showed off her jaw-dropping performance and had the 13th victory.

During Friday’s game, Kaitlin Tarr and Susan Ayoob were the contestants playing against Adriana. There was tough competition between all three, and Adriana came in second place. Even Ken Jennings commended Adriana for being a ” three-week winning champion,” which was expected by only a few viewers.

Adriana scored $7,200 in the Jeopardy round, while Kaitlin Tarr and Susan Ayoob had $3,000 and $3,800, respectively. During the Double Jeopardy round, Kaitlin was in the lead with $3,000, but again, she lost the money in Daily Double. Kaitlin regained the leading place among all three by giving the right answer for the last daily double question, adding $2,000 more to her total amount. She again took the leading place for the next round and had a neck-to-neck competition with the other two.

Final and Double Jeopardy Round [13th day]

During the final Jeopardy round, when all three were heading towards the round, the score was like –

  • Kaitlin – $12,800,
  • Adriana- $12,400, and
  • Susan- $10,200

At the start of the round, when the question was asked, Susan responded with “?” and wagered the amount she had won for finishing in third place. Adriana, who was earlier not in the lead before the Double Jeopardy round, gave the right answer and scored $20,500. Kaitlin, who also answered with “?” wagered $410 from the amount she won in her third round. After the round, Kaitlin was left with $12,390.

After the round, Ken Jennings exclaimed over her and revealed that Adriana had won $299,000, the 13-day winning champion. Adriana, who is yet to play her 14th game on Monday [17th June 2024], received comments like “she is a monster at FJ” and “Adriana’s impressive 10/13 record on Final Jeopardy has become her secret weapon.”

The Super Champion Title – Adriana Michelle Harmeyer

With 13 consecutive winnings, Adriana Harmeyer is now the first “Super Champion” of the 40th Season or the next Jeopardy show. Previously, 13-day champ Ray LaLonde had won in last year’s month- January, and this winning is the first winning of the season after a long time; Adriana will now be there in the “Tournament of Champions.”

Adriana has given 305 correct and 33 incorrect answers from the day she first came on the stage. One of her fans commented that she has pure buzzer skills and a huge knowledge base. If she continues to stay on the show, the fans would love to see how far she goes in this…!!

Personal Life

Adriana Harmeyer is a happy-living married woman. She has a happy extended family with her husband, Neal Harmeyer. The pair not only maintains a good life together but also works together.

Social Media

Adriana Harmeyer is available on LinkedIn, which she joined in June 2011. She is a verified LinkedIn user and has been working for Purdue University.

Adriana Harmeyer Net Worth

Adriana Harmeyer, who has been working since 2011, as per her LinkedIn profile, is surely earning enough to have more than a moderate lifestyle for herself and her family. She began her internship career and worked as a promising designated personality for the University.

Both Adriana and her husband work in the same place. We can assume that Adriana might earn as much as $1 million as her net worth. Moreover, she has earned a good amount from the show Jeopardy.

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